Weekly FAQs

Where do we go if we need information on-site?

Many information desks are on-site to ensure you have a productive, enjoyable and memorable RVC experience:

  • RVC Registration Desk – your one-stop source of all information;
  • Mobile App Help Desk (Marketplace entrance) – assist you with all mobile app related questions;
  • Goodkey Show Services Desk (Marketplace) – support you on all booth related questions; and
  • Hospitality Desks  – Tourism Calgary will be pleased to assist you with maps, tourism information, restaurant reservations and also RVC specific questions. 

Where can I find key dates for sellers?

All key dates for sellers can be found on this page under the Sellers Info section of the RVC site. There are also weekly reminders in RVCNews and on the RVC Twitter page and the RVC Facebook page.

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