Ultimate Guide to the Halifax Foodie Scene

There has never been a more delicious time to visit Halifax. From award-winning restaurants to renowned eateries, the city is bursting with culinary options for all taste buds. Consider this your ultimate guide to eating in Halifax.

1. The Donair

The donair, Halifax’s official food, is a sweet, savoury and slightly spicy treat unique to Nova Scotia. Watch Nova Scotia’s own Kilted Chef prep this must-try dish, then check out the donair joints voted best-in-the-city by Haligonians.

2. Pizza and Poutine

Classics like pizza and poutine are plentiful in Halifax’s downtown core (especially once the sun goes down and the bars light up). Grab a slice from one of the top 10 pizza places in the city, or pick up one of Halifax’s top five poutines.

3. Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood abounds in our provincial capital, including oysters, scallops, and lobster. But don’t stop there. Try everything from fish and chips to creamy chowder. Halifax’s seafood options are endless.

4. Renowned Restaurants

For a gourmet experience, dine at any one of these five award-winning local restaurants. These top-tier establishments focus on sourcing local ingredients, providing exceptional service and creating an atmosphere that makes you want to linger for hours.

5. Unique Vegan and Vegetarian

Though seafood is our specialty (and donairs have our hearts), there are various vegan and vegetarian options in Halifax—and many make vegan donairs. These spots often feature locally sourced produce from nearby regions, like Nova Scotia’s breadbasket, the Annapolis Valley.

6. Desserts and Pastries

If sweets are your thing, be sure to pick up a bottle of Nova Scotian maple syrup at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market and try dessert from one of these local donut spots and bakeries.

From sea to plate or farm to table, there’s plenty in Halifax to whet your appetite!

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