Top tips from 2017 delegates


1. Do your research before you go, do your homework on those you want to meet and validate needs so you can discuss what really matters!

2. Accept every request to connect, appointments, coffee, drinks, if someone wants to meet, you are half way there on your pitch!

3. Be sure to maximize your appointments — you can schedule appointments prior to the show and even make the last minute appointments during the show. Also, consider meeting with sellers that approach you even if they are just learning about your business/company. Use every opportunity! Practice your sales pitch to describe your benefits in one sentence when someone asks “what do you do?” and “where are you from?”. Be respectful of all delegates’ time and be sure to advise your sellers if you are unable to make an appointment.

4. Expand your network — leverage making and solidifying connections at RVC, data shows your business will benefit for years to come!

5. Follow-up a great meeting will go nowhere without timely and strategic follow up!

6. Connect with Destination Canada, stop by their booth, help them better understand your product!

7. Perfect your pitch, no jargon, no slang, a simple clear pitch will do, for many buyers, English is their second or third language!

8. Plan to network with those you do not have appointments, meet and greet everyone you can, remember that buyers have (RED colour) badges!

9. Bring your entire team to the social events, different skills, different approaches, divide and conquer to seek prospects while you have fun!

10. Be a good listener, advice your mother already gave you, just make sure to put in practice at an event!

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