Top tips from 2017 delegates


1. Come well prepared, bring a sheet with statistics and information about your company and/or market, it will come in handy during the appointments!

2. Explore the Region, attend the City tours and Pre-Post FAM trips to explore the region first-hand, before and after Rendez-vous Canada!

3. Meet as many sellers as possible, not in your appointments schedule? No problem, explore the marketplace floor and reach out, there is plenty to discover at RVC!

4. Show don’t just tell, if you sell using a catalog, bring a sample to show the sellers, help them understand how you do business!

5. Be specific, if you are proposing marketing partnerships, explain exactly how the seller can work with you!

6. Find out where you need to be, before you get to the venue, use the floor plan to mark appointments and key booths, maximize your time so you can focus on doing business!

7. Network, Network, Network, plenty of relationship building opportunities at RVC, being friendly and approachable can go a long way!

8. Ask for help, reach out to the registration desk, the Destination Canada booth, they love to help!

9. Know what you are looking for, if you are looking polar bears instead of urban experiences, prioritize appointments with those that meet your needs!

10. Plan the follow-up, set deadlines and processes for the follow-up, don’t leave this up to chance, block the time in your schedule!

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