TIAC membership

Do I need a TIAC membership to participate to RVC?

No. Memberships with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) are voluntary and only necessary to obtain the TIAC member benefit pricing in booth cost.  Any tourism operator dedicated to international selling and supported by their provincial nomination is eligible to join TIAC.

For TIAC membership information contact:

Jennifer Taylor
Vice President, Marketing & Membership Services
Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Tel: +1 902 698 0984
Email: jtaylor@tiac.travel 

What is the net benefit for your business of joining TIAC now?

Coming out even further ahead at RVC under the current rate while you take in new business, and then throughout 2017 being part of the organization that is driving and delivering success for your industry.

RVC is modernizing to increase your business profile, support you in growing your businesses, and to offer you the platform you need for sales. For information on how to become a member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada please visit www.tiac.travel/membership.html

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