Seller Booths

RVC is an appointment-based event and selling organizations are required to occupy booth space on the marketplace floor in order to meet with buyers.

Below is what is included in Full booth or multiple booths:
Booth pic (full) 2
Draped (black) 8′ back wall and draped (white) 36″ side rails
•    Sign with company name and booth number
•    Draped (black) 6′ table
•    Chairs and a wastebasket
•    Access to complimentary wireless internet
•    Note booth dimensions are 8 ft frontage by 10 ft depth

Below is what is included in half-booths (shared):
Booth pic (half) 2
Draped (black) 8′ back wall and draped (white) 36″ side rails
•    A sign with company name and booth number for each booth partner
•    A 32 inch square table, chairs and a wastebasket for each booth partner
•    Access to complimentary wireless internet

Seller organizations registered with a half-booth will be partnered with another seller organization with a half-booth.

Non-Concurrent Appointments

Sellers selecting the non-concurrent appointment option and will share the total available appointments for that booth. Each booth partner will have an opportunity to receive a maximum of 34 pre-scheduled appointments and receive their own appointment schedule.

Concurrent Appointments

If both booth partners select concurrent appointments during the registration process, each booth partner will be able to book additional appointments into a full 68 appointment schedule. This means that both half-booth partners may have appointments with two different buyers at the same time. Each booth partner will receive their own appointment schedule.

Concurrent and non-concurrent appointment options apply to half-booth only.

Booth Guidelines

All Seller, DMO and Tourism Mall organizations registered for Rendez-vous Canada will be given a copy of the Rendez-vous Canada information package, which contains specifications for booths and installation, dismantling, electrical and shipping information. This guide is provided to Sellers, DMO and Tourism Mall primary contacts at least 60 days before the event.

Booth FAQs

When all of the booths have been assigned and entered into the database, the Key Contact will receive an email with their booth assignment and Appointment Scheduling Instructions. (March 2017).

In late March 2017, RVC Project Office will email booth assignments to all Primary Contacts along with a link to the marketplace floor plan.

Booth locations are assigned by respective Provincial/Territorial Representatives.  Rendez-vous Canada is responsible for establishing the provincial, territorial, national, and Tourism Mall groupings in the marketplace.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017: 08:00 – 17:00

In Spring 2017, we will post booth services resources online and email all Primary Contacts with a link to the official display company’s online Exhibitor Services site.

You can bring in your own booth furniture if it can be hand-carried, and it can be brought in through the front doors without use of dolly equipment. If it is brought in through the freight doors, it must be delivered to your booth using the official display company. If this is not possible, please complete a materials handling form on page 15 of the Welcome Sellers Kit (coming soon).

Please note that the booth fee structure in place since RVC 2013 remains. Participants in Rendez-vous Canada 2017 who are not current members of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), will incur a higher premium on the cost of the booth space.

Competing effectively in international markets is challenging, yet critical, to the long term success of our industry. The incremental premium to exhibit at Canada’s premier international marketplace is directly invested into making both our industry and the show stronger. First, to remain competitive on the international stage we continue to invest in RVC. These enhancements include enhanced buyer recruitment, an enhanced mobile app to facilitate your sales efforts, an interactive and engaging Canada welcome reception, facilitation of travel media from multiple markets to generate additional awareness and coverage of the event, and to support familiarization trips in order to bring buyers and travel media right to the doorstep of our industry pre and post the event. All this is done with the sole objective of providing an outstanding value to your organization and ensuring international tourism buyers put Canada first. Secondly, the premium is meant to encourage Canadian tourism partners to come members of TIAC, which supports the ongoing advocacy and policy work and is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada’s $90 billion tourism industry

In keeping with best international practices, including PowWow in the USA, the tiered booth pricing structure has been devised to encourage TIAC membership, while still making participation possible for all parties.

By joining TIAC today, you will be entitled to the current flat rate booth fee at Canada’s only international tourism marketplace, one that is growing every year, connecting you to new markets.

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