Seller Appointments

In March 2017, the RVC Project Office will notify all Primary Seller Contacts and Buyers via email when the Appointment Scheduling System is open. Appointment-taking delegates can then log onto the MyRVC page to request appointments.

Download Appointment Request Guide here

Download Guide to Managing your Appointments

Information on Appointments


Buyers taking appointments: There are a total of 75 available appointment slots.  For Buyers, each appointment-taking delegate can have up to 68 pre-scheduled appointments plus scheduled breaks.


For sellers occupying a full booth:

  • Included: a maximum of 68 pre-scheduled appointments.
  • Optional: Sellers may purchasing an Additional Appointment Schedule to receive up to 68 additional pre-scheduled appointments.Note that a secondary delegate must be added in order to purchase the additional appointment schedule.

For sellers occupying a half booth:

  • Included: a maximum of 34 pre-scheduled non-concurrent appointments
  • Optional: upgrade to a concurrent appointment schedule to receive up to 34 additional appointments


Concurrent vs. Non-concurrent Half-Booth Schedules


This is the default option that allows a maximum of 34 pre-scheduled appointments. Appointment slots will be assigned to alternate with those of the booth partner; i.e., one booth partner receives all odd-numbered slots, and the other receives all even.


This is the additional option that allows organizations to select an additional 34 appointments (up to a full 68-appointment schedule). This upgrade is available to sellers occupying a half booth only, and is available during registration for $295 plus applicable taxes.

Note that booth partners must both have either a non-concurrent or concurrent schedule in order to select each other as booth partner. The concurrent schedule upgrade means that both half-booth partners may have appointments with two different buyers at the same time.

In March 2017, each half-booth seller may submit a maximum of 40 appointment requests with buyers in effort to fill their first 34 pre-scheduled appointments.  In April, once appointment schedules are posted, sellers who have upgraded to the concurrent appointments option will have the additional 34 appointment slots opened up in their schedule. At this time, sellers can make additional requests directly with Buyers in effort to fill the additional 34 appointments.

The benefit of taking the concurrent appointments upgrade is that it allows both booth partners to have appointments with different Buyers simultaneously.  In addition, this upgrade allows sellers to maximize their opportunity to make appointments with buyers by opening up twice as many appointment availabilities.

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