Saskatchewan – On the Edge of Nature

Here you are, in Saskatchewan – a place where the sky and land are as open and inviting as its people. Friends urged you to fly over this vast land. You wisely ignored them, choosing to discover a province where size (almost twice as big as Germany) in proportion to population (under 1.2 million residents) means one thing – you’re in nature’s playground.

Oh, what emotions you’ll encounter, what stories you’ll have to share when you return home. Phenomena like mysterious, dancing northern lights can change a person. The sound of your heart pounding while reeling in a 40-lb. lake trout sticks with you long after you’ve returned to shore. Places steeped in legend, like Little Manitou Lake – where the buoyant water makes it impossible to sink – comfort body, mind and spirit. Even in the city, you are never far from nature. Saskatoon is the best of both worlds – vibrant, youthful urban energy in sync with the calm of the majestic South Saskatchewan River valley. In Regina, the colourful sights and pageantry of the RCMP Sunset- Retreat Ceremony leave a profound impression on any visitor.

Find out how you can create your own Saskatchewan story by visiting our Experience Suite, located in Room 105, Western Canada Marketplace on the Convention Hall level.

Saskatchewan Experience Suite Suppliers:

Lloyd Lake Lodge
Manitou Springs Resort & Mineral Spa
RCMP Heritage Centre.
Tourism Saskatoon
Tourism Saskatchewan

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