Part II: How do I make the most of RVC as a seller?

There are almost two weeks left before RVC 2017! Now is the time for sellers to get their final preparations in order. To help with this, here are three tips sellers can use to maximize their time at RVC.

Brace Yourself for the Fast Pace. 

Be ready for the fast-paced appointment schedule of RVC.  After each 12-minute appointment, announcements will be made to ensure that buyers move to the next appointment in the next 3 minutes. Be sharp as there will be long days – some of you are travelling from afar and in different time zones – be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get enough rest.

Be Prepared.

Remember to bring enough business cards. Assume a card per appointment then at least 100 more. It is also beneficial to prepare a profile sheet with “at a glance” statistics and information about your product or service or destination. Practice your elevator pitch to describe your benefits in one sentence when someone asks “what do you do?” and “where are you from?”. Some regular attendees also find it useful to bring a cheat-sheet of good, open questions to ask. Lastly, dress for success and wear comfortable shoes.

 Network, Network, Network.

Many of the relationship building opportunities at RVC will occur in informal settings: during luncheons, on shuttle buses, at the evening events, and in the hallways. Be open to these opportunities and recognize that they can often be just as valuable as your sit-down appointments.

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