Part II: How do I make the most of RVC as a buyer?

Your flight is booked and you are more than excited to see what awaits you in Calgary, Alberta! To guarantee a successful event, check out our three tips focused on maximizing your buyer experience at RVC 2017.

Come well prepared.

Remember to bring enough business cards. Assume a card per appointment then at least 100 more. Prepare a profile sheet with “at a glance” statistics and information about your company and/or market. If you have a catalog, bring a sample to show the sellers. This can provide a clear example of what your clients expect from your business. If you are proposing marketing partnerships, bring samples and ideas of how the seller can work with you.

Find out where you need to be.

It is a good idea to get comfortable with the marketplace floor plan before the event. Figure out which booths you have appointments in and where the different regions are located on the show floor. It is also useful to take note of where other things are located on the floor plan, such as the Internet Café, the Destination Canada booth, and the registration desks.

Network, Network, Network.

Many of the relationship building opportunities at RVC will occur in informal settings: during luncheons, on shuttle buses, at the evening events, and in the hallways. Being friendly and approachable can go a long way! It is best to be open to unexpected opportunities.

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