How to Maximize RVC for Seller Delegates

We are delighted that you will be part of RVC 2018, Canada’s premier international tourism marketplace, and have compiled the following 11 summary points for your review in making the most out Rendez-vous Canada (RVC) as a seller delegate.

New information for 2018:

  • Be sure to download the 2018 Mobile App – enhanced to include a tablet version, and directly linked in real-time to MyRVC.
  • Be a great host at the lunches and ensure your buyers are taken care of.
  • The RVC 2018 program includes many outstanding offsite venues (Welcome Reception, Halifax Night) to which complimentary shuttle service has been arranged from official RVC hotels ONLY. Should you opt to reserve your accommodations at a non-host hotel; you will need to depart from one of the official host hotels.

Do your Homework.

  • You only have 11 minutes at each appointment;
  • Research buyers’ website, review their business profile and understand their language preferences; and
  • Know the purpose of your meeting and tailor your message and your appointment; and discussions to the type of buyer (FIT, groups…).

Educate Yourself.

  • Attend Destination Canada’s Inside Track Session at the Halifax Convention Centre  –  on Sunday, May 13th 2017 from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm to learn about current and insightful information on each of Destination Canada’s ten markets by combining consumer perspective, market trends and research, as well as key travel trade account insights;
  • Take advantage of exploring Destination Canada’s booth and talk with them about their products, services, and research. Ask questions about the trends and learn about the in-markets activities; and
  • Attend any information session offered by your Provincial Marketing Organization (PMO) or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO).  Rely on your PMO and DMO to answer questions and explain RVC processes.

Be Prepared.

  • Remember to bring enough business cards. Assume a card per appointment then at least 100 more!
  • Prepare a profile sheet with “at a glance” statistics and information about your product or service or destination;
  • Some regular attendees bring a “cheat sheet” of good, open questions to ask;
  • Practice your “elevator speech” to describe your benefits in one sentence when someone asks “what do you do?” and “where are you from?”; and
  • Dress for success and wear comfortable shoes.

Brace Yourself for the Fast Pace.

  • Be ready for the fast paced appointment schedule of Rendez-vous.  After each 11-minute appointment, announcements will be made to ensure that buyers move to the next appointment in the next 5 minutes; and
  • Be sharp as there will be long days – some of you are travelling from afar and in different time zones – be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get enough rest.

Fill your Dance Card.

  • Veteran sellers will share that RVC is an ongoing process of developing your reputation and relationship-building with buyers and other partners;
  • Be sure to maximize your appointments – you can schedule appointments prior to the show and even during the show; and schedule additional appointments from 8:15 am – 8:30 am, and immediately after lunch at 1:45 pm – 2:00 pm.
  • Consider meeting with buyers that approach you even if they are just learning about your market or region. Leverage every opportunity.
  • Consider scheduling meetings with Destination Canada’s in-market experts, international travel trade media members and the Tourism Partner Pavilion representatives.

Network, Network, Network.

  • Many of the relationship building opportunities will occur in informal settings: during luncheons, on shuttle buses, at the evening events, and in the hallways.
  • Be open to these opportunities.

Take Advantage of Informal Opportunities.

  • Take advantage of city tours and social events; and
  • Use the airport and hotel shuttles – you never know who you will sit beside! (Transportation schedules are posted on the RVC website and mobile app).

Be Open.  Be a Mentor.  And Remember, We’re ALL Hosts!

  • Attending RVC for the first time can be intimating; be approachable and look friendly;
  • Regular attendees have built strong friendships over the years of attending RVC – if you make friends with one of them, they can easily introduce you;
  • Rely on your DMO and PMO to answer questions and to make introductions;
  • Don’t just sit with your group or your provincial delegation – mix with others as much as possible; and
  • Seek out others that are standing alone and introduce yourself to them.

Follow up.

  • Be sure to follow-up after your appointments;
  • Find out how the buyer wants to receive follow-ups (e-mail? mail? telephone?);
  • If you promise materials or answers to specific questions – respond timely; and
  • Consider using the RVC mobile app to send a quick note.

Ask if in doubt.

Many information desks are on-site to ensure you have a productive, enjoyable and memorable RVC experience:

  • RVC Registration Desk – your one-stop source of all information;
  • Mobile App Help Desk (Marketplace entrance on each floor) – assist you with all mobile app related questions;
  • Goodkey Show Services Desk – support you on all booth related questions; and
  • Hospitality Desks  – Tourism Nova Scotia will be pleased to assist you with maps, tourism information, restaurant reservations and also RVC specific questions.

Have a fabulous Rendez-vous Canada and don’t forget to follow the event on Twitter with the #RVC2018 hashtag!

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