How to dress for Wild Western Wednesday

Wondering what to wear for RVC’s casual Western Wednesday? While some were born to flaunt their cowboy flair, we recognize this is not true for all delegates, especially many international buyers. Luckily, dressing western can be easy and inexpensive. Make sure to check RVCNews and the RVC Blog in the coming weeks for more tips on what to wear for Western Wednesday. For now, here are 3 starter tips for channeling your inner cowboy or cowgirl:

  1. The best place to look for Western wear: your closet 

It is likely you already have some staple elements of western wear in your closet. Leather, suede, plaid, denim (more on this below), chambray, paisley, lace, floral prints and fringe accents not only have a western influence, but are also part of today’s modern wardrobe. Use these existing elements when putting together your western look.


  1. Denim is always a good idea

Denim jeans symbolize western culture perfectly, and happen to be a wardrobe staple found in almost every closet. Styles that are distressed and worn-in work well. If you prefer a more clean and tailored look to your denim, you can still get a western influence easily by pairing your jeans with leather boots and/or a large buckle belt.

A chambray button-up shirt or a denim jacket are also great options for western-inspired wear. These can be paired with neutral bottoms or even your jeans to create a Canadian tuxedo effect!


  1. Don’t dress western from head-to-toe

While enthusiasm is always appreciated, there is no need to look like you belong on the set of an old Western film. Having a couple elements of Western style, mixed with your everyday casual wear will be plenty.

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