How to dress for Wild Western Wednesday

Western Wednesday is officially two weeks away! Check out this week’s tips on how to follow the casual/western dress code for this special day, including a few pointers from the team at the Calgary Stampede. You can also find our other western wear posts here and here.

Go mad for plaid

A popular staple in today’s modern closet, button up plaid shirts are a great option to wear for Western Wednesday. Any colour combinations and style will do. Whether it’s plaid, gingham, checkered or tartan, cowboys and cowgirls alike know that you can’t go wrong with this versatile piece!

RVC’s Western Wednesday lunch sponsors, the Calgary Stampede, share a few tips on how to dress western:

  1. If your cowboy hat comes with a whistle, then it’s not a cowboy hat.
  2. Men should never tuck their jeans into their boots, they are meant to be worn on the outside.
  3. This isn’t the Wild West, 6 shooters can be left with the sheriff!
  4. Nothing in your closet? Not to worry! The Calgary Stampede official store will have everything you need to create the perfect western outfit.
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