How do I make the most of RVC as a buyer?

With four days and more than 1,500 tourism professionals, RVC offers endless business opportunities. How should you be maximizing your experience? Check out our top 3 tips for RVC buyers.

Study up on your sellers.

Keep in mind you will only have 12 minutes at each appointment. Therefore, it is important figure out what you can about a seller ahead of the meeting, to avoid spending too much time on unnecessary questions. Know the purpose of your meeting and be ready to communicate products/services you want with sellers. Research their websites and review their businesses. It also helps to prepare a one-page information sheet with your buying stats, key information about your clientele and what you are looking for to share with sellers.

Maximize your appointments.

Be sure to maximize your appointments – you can schedule appointments prior to the show and even during the show; and schedule additional appointments from 8:45 am – 9:00 am, and immediately after lunch at 1:30 pm – 1:45 pm. Consider meeting with sellers that approach you even if they are just learning about your company or market. Leverage every opportunity! Practice your “elevator speech” to describe your benefits in one sentence when someone asks “what do you do?” and “where are you from?”. Be respectful of all delegates’ time and be sure to advise your sellers if you are unable to make an appointment. Lastly, dress for success and wear comfortable shoes!

Brace Yourself for the Fast Pace.

Be ready for the fast paced appointment schedule of Rendez-vous.  After each 12-minute appointment, announcements will be made to ensure that buyer delegates move to the next appointment in the next 3 minutes. Be sharp as there will be long days – some of you are travelling from afar and in different time zones – be sure to eat well, stay hydrated and get enough rest. Remember to respect your next appointment, and be mindful of the time.

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