Halifax Convention Centre Ready for RVC to “Rendez-vous!”

The Halifax Convention Centre is Canada’s newest convention facility and it’s ready to welcome you to Halifax for RVC 2018 next week!

Located in the heart of the Argyle entertainment district, this year’s RVC venue is just steps away from the ocean, local shops, restaurants and cultural attractions, like the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site or the Alexander Keith’s Brewery. From this central location, you will have plenty of opportunity to explore the city. If you’re up for a short drive, you can also check out nearby wineries and hiking trails.

Over the course of RVC, you will get to taste an array of locally sourced food provided by Halifax Convention Centre’s award-winning culinary team, such as Acadian Maple syrup baked into desserts, Blue Harbour Cheese sprinkled onto beet and cherry tomato salad, Riverview Herbs, and custom-made sausage from Meadowbrook Farms. But take advantage of surrounding restaurants to try even more local flavours (fresh lobster and mussels, anyone?).

Since Nova Scotia last hosted RVC in 2002, RVC’s attendance has grown dramatically. Thanks to the Halifax Convention Centre’s scope and size, RVC is excited to return to the Maritimes in 2018. The Halifax Convention Centre opened its doors to the public in December 2017, providing event planners with 120,000 square feet of state-of-the-art design and technology that can bring any event to life.

From its large open spaces and natural lighting, to its interior design inspired by Nova Scotia’s sandy shores, granite hills, and the salt air that surrounds it, we know the Halifax Convention Centre will spark your desire to explore more of the Maritimes…and inspire you to love Nova Scotia like a local!

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