Cozy up to Manitoba

In the heart of Canada is a place where you’ll feel right at home. Welcome to Manitoba. Find us in the Western Canada Marketplace, PMO Experience Suite 104. Glide through the boreal forest, where wildlife thrives and adventure awaits. Inside our cozy cabin, Manitoba suppliers are ready to delight you with tales of Canadian icons. So get comfy, as the fur lined benches, rustic wood walls and friendly Manitoba spirit bring to life the atmosphere of the North.

There will be stories of wildlife encounters like no other: walking with polar bears, a big five safari, your ultimate arctic summer adventure. Listen to tales of remote landscapes, where ancient landscapes and lakes give way to new adventures. Go on a journey to the North and explore a Canadian landmark. Discover new escapes along our inland sea and marvel at the engineering feats that combine the power of machines and the beauty that is Canada. Discover the secrets of a capital city and the reason why Manitoba is where Canada’s heart beats.

To get the endings to these stories and more, visit us in person at the Western Canada Marketplace, PMO Experience Suite 104.

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