Buyer Appointments

Important to know

  • There are a total of 75 appointment slots available – 25 timeslots per day
  • New for 2018, appointments are 11 minutes long with 4 minutes between appointments.
  • The RVC project office will automatically block 2 timeslots per day for breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – allowing for a total of 69 scheduled appointments
  • Buyers can submit up to 82 appointment requests between March 5 and March 30. It is strongly recommended that you submit the maximum number of requests in order to obtain a full appointment schedule
  • Appointment matching priority is:
    • Buyer and seller mutual requests (buyers request seller and same seller requests buyer)
    • Buyer request
    • Seller request
  • Typically over 95% of mutual appointment requests are successfully booked
  • Appointment schedules will be posted on April 9 and schedules will be opened for manual changes, cancellations and additional appointment requests.

Buyer Appointment Tips

Between March 5 and March 30

  • Review the online directory and prepare a list of sellers that you would like to meet
  • Indicate the top 82 sellers that you are interested in meeting
  • Rank the sellers in order of preference
  • Review the list of sellers that have requested appointments with you. If you are interested in meeting with them, include that seller in your list of requests
  • Download the Appointment Request Guide for additional tips and How-Tos

On March 30

  • Review list of requests one last time
  • Ensure that you have submitted the full 82 requests allowed

On and after April 9

  • Download the Guide to Managing your Appointments to assist with manual appointment bookings
  • Add manual appointment requests to fill any open timeslots
  • Respond to seller requests as soon as you receive them. Requests can be sent to multiple sellers and bookings are first-come, first-serve.
  • Read the RVC Blog and the How to RVC tips in preparation for your appointments


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