Booth Basics to Know Before RVC

Whether it’s a full or a half, there are many elements that go into a successful booth at RVC. Here are nine things to remember to make your booth preparation as smooth and easy  as possible.

  1. Booth set-up and tear-down

Sellers will be able to set up their booths on Tuesday, May 9 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm  . This is the only available time for sellers to complete any booth setup requirements.

It is important to note that there is no storage on the marketplace floor or within the BMO Centre. Sellers may store their empty display boxes and containers in storage trailers provided by Goodkey Show Services. Sellers can arrange this by paying a fee at the Goodkey Show Services desk on site. Please keep in mind that once the marketplace closes, seller boxes and containers will have to be offloaded and brought to the marketplace floor from 5 pm onwards.

2. Booth size

All booth sizing can be found at the bottom of page two of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit. Booth measurements are as follows:

‐ 8’high Backwall Drape (Black)
‐ 3’high Sidewall Drape (White)
‐ Tables:

  • Full  Booth: 1 ‐ 6′ Skirted Table (Black Skirt, White Top)
  • Half Booth 1 ‐ 36″ Square Table  (Black Table cloth)

3. What’s included in your booth

All booth specifications can be found at the bottom of page two of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit. All booths come with the following:

  • Table cloths and draping
  • 4 Chairs (provided by RVC)
  • 1 Garbage Bin
  • Sign with company name and booth number
  • Complimentary WiFi access
  • Booth carpet (grey)

4. Electrical

Seller booths do not come with electricity. If you require electricity, you must order it in advance  by contacting the BMO Centre team: Calgary Stampede Exhibitor Order Form Package
Telephone: 403-261-0377
Fax: 403-261-0144

5. Booth Cleaning

You can arrange booth cleaning by completing the janitorial order form found on page 15 of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit. RVC provides complimentary emptying of Seller wastebaskets daily.

6. Labour for booth installation/dismantling

Goodkey can provide  labour for sellers who wish to have an external party assemble and dismantle their booth. Please complete the labour order form found on page 14 of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit.

7. Booth furniture (incl. banner, props, décor)

You can bring in your own booth furniture, boxes and containers, provided it can be hand-carried, and it can be brought in through the front doors without use of dolly equipment.

If it is brought in through the freight doors, it must be delivered to your booth using Goodkey, the exclusive display company for RVC. To facilitate this process, we request that any sellers shipping goods for RVC 2017 complete the Method of Payment Form (Page Five of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit) and Material Handling Form (Page 16 of the Goodkey Seller’s Kit).

8. Promo materials, food and beverages

Sellers interested in serving food at their booths must submit a written request to the RVC Project Office and work with the venue catering supplier. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at individual seller booths. Sellers are welcome to offer general promotional items at their booths (i.e. keychains, small gifts, sample size items).

9. Restrictions regarding booth décor (i.e. banner sizing, etc.)

Seller booth décor may not extend beyond their booth onto the marketplace floor or infringe on any neighbouring booths. Sellers may not exceed the 8ft height restriction beyond 3ft off the back wall. It is also strongly recommended to contact your provincial/territorial representative to make sure you fall within the branding guidelines of your province or territory.

Find extra information from Goodkey Show Services, CCR Solutions, Calgary Stampede Event Services and the Calgary Fire Department here on our Forms and Documents page.

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