Five benefits of using the RVC Mobile App

The Rendez-vous Canada 2017 mobile app is now available for download for iOS and Android users!

The RVC app gives delegates easy 24/7 access to appointment schedules and event information. Here are five benefits the RVC 2017 app offers:

  1. Manage your appointment schedule from anywhere at anytime. When schedules are posted on April 3rd, delegates will be able to view and edit their appointments to ensure they maximize their meeting times. Delegates can also use the app to request new appointments starting April 3rd when the second round of appointment requests begin.
  2. Get access to all contact info for all delegates right at your fingertips. The app provides a list of organizations as well as individual delegates, giving you convenient access to these contacts before, during and after the event. The app also comes equipped with a built-in messenger feature, which allows delegates to connect with each other via the app.
  3. Take advantage of the My Leads feature. At RVC you will be meeting several people in a very short amount of time. It’s important to note not all these connections will happen in a formal setting, but also at luncheons, social events and perhaps even on the morning shuttle. My Leads offers a quick and easy way for delegates to organize and track their most important connections quickly and effectively.
  4. Always have access to the main event and shuttle schedule. What room is the Inside Tracks Session taking place? What time do shuttles leave your hotel in the morning? The Event Schedule and Transportation tab can answer all these questions.
  5. Gain access to all things RVC in one convenient and easily-accessible place, before, during and after the event. Check out the latest RVC Blog posts under the News tab, find hotel info under the Venues tab and connect directly to the RVC Twitter and Facebook channels for the latest updates and information.

We will continue to add features and updates to the app between now and the event. We will always let delegates know if there is an update required.

Download the Rendez-vous Canada 2017 app from the Apple Store here:

Download the Rendez-vous Canada 2017 app from the Google Play Store here:

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