Rendez-vous Canada is a table-top marketplace conducted in a simple, business-like atmosphere with pre-scheduled appointments. The marketplace is comprised of selling booths, arranged in provincial and territorial groupings, with a separate section for national organizations.

There are six appointment sessions. For RVC 2017, appointments are 11 minutes in length, within a 15-minute timeframe. A system of chimes and announcements signals the start and end of each appointment.

In March 2018, the RVC Project Office will notify all Primary Contacts and Buyers via email when the Appointment Scheduling System is open. You can then log into My RVC login using your username and password and start building your appointment list. All requests for appointments must be submitted via the Online Appointment Request Form.

There are a total of 75 available appointment slots, each appointment-taking delegate can have up to 68 pre-scheduled appointments plus 6 scheduled breaks.

Buyers may request back-to-back appointments with the same Seller if the Buyer estimates they will require more than 12 minutes to conclude their discussion with that Seller.


Appointment requests received via the on-line system by the deadline for submission (March 30, 2018) are computer-generated according to the following priorities:

  •  Buyers and Sellers/DMOs who mutually seek appointments create a “perfect match” which is scheduled automatically. *
  • Second priority is given to appointments requested by Buyers and almost always results in a scheduled appointment. *
  • Third priority is given to appointments * requested by Sellers/DMO/PMOs.

* Please note: It is possible that such requests, in exceptional circumstances, may not be pre-scheduled as organizations may not have mutually available timeslots.

Each appointment-taking delegate registered for Rendez-vous Canada will receive an appointment schedule.

Should delegates be unable to keep a scheduled appointment for any reason, they are requested to cancel it as far in advance as possible at the Rendez-vous Canada Registration Desk.

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